What Sets Us Apart?

Whether you come for the day or stay at our waterfront cabin, you will:

  • Get up close to marine wildlife and birds
  • Experience your tour with the personal touch of our small, intimate group size
  • Capture images any professional and amateur photographer’s dreams of! We gladly share tips and tricks to help you get better pictures
  • Explore the diverse intertidal zone
  • Taste our signature seafood lunch seasoned with freshly collected wild herbs
  • Discover the sites and artifacts of ancient Alaskan cultures
  • Enjoy an individualized experience away from large groups and roads
  • Kayak with the most experienced guide who has the spotless safety record
  • Relax at a leisurely pace that allows you to explore, because “the slower you go, the more you see”
  • Connect with lifelong Alaskans who are passionate and knowledgeable about this natural wonderland
  • Consider staying in our cabin and hiking enchanted virgin forests and world class mountain trails with breathtaking ocean, glacier, and volcano vistas
  • Have a truly memorable experience that goes far beyond a day of paddling
  • To give back to protect our natural habitat, we support the World Wildlife Fund by donating 50% of proceeds from all sales of images in our photo gallery below. Your help will make a difference