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A Seaside Adventure Blog

Humpback Whales

  Our windows look out onto the cove, the island reefs, the Cook Inlet and the Chigmit mountain range beyond. A tall white sail points straight into the sky, only to disappear a moment later. This has happened before, and I know I just witnessed the exciting moment of the first whale blow of the…

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The Shorebirds are Here

Shorebirds- large flocks of them in graceful formation just flu low over our skiff and all around us as we left the harbor with a load of supplies going home to the island. What a treat to be surrounded by their amazing presence and beauty! They are mostly smallish brown birds, sometimes hard to tell…

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Old Man Otter

I am witnessing the ultimate state of relaxation! is the first thing that comes to mind when watching the large male sea otter floating leisurely on its back, tucked into a small niche in the cove, where neither current nor wind carries him out into the open water. So calm, so playful the sea mammal…

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Creatures of the Beach

Kachemak Bay has some of the most extreme tides in the world. Often, in one day, there would be a vertical tidal difference of more than twenty feet. That was the difference between taking the kayaks a few paces from the top of the beach to the water and carrying the heavy load down for…

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Our Polygamous Eagle Neighbors

  Our close neighbors are a very unusual family – not unheard of, but very, very rare – what are the chances…? The family in question is a threesome of bald eagles, consisting of two females and one male. They have lived here together for over ten years, maintaining several lofty nests, fishing and hunting together,…

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