About Us

A Seaside Adventure is a family-owned and operated business. We are happy to say that we have been exploring these waters and lands for over 40 years. We try to give back as much as we have received from this rich and diverse area. Our home is built on the beachfront overlooking Little Tutka Bay, surrounded by old growth forest and we feel very fortunate to be caretakers of such a beautiful, rich ecosystem. We derive much pleasure from our gorgeous bay and we love to share the wonders of our home with those of you who join us for a visit. We have chosen to keep our operation small and intimate. When you visit us, your experience is one of the true Alaska.

Rick and Dorla Harness of A Seaside Adventure

Rick and Dorla

Rick is the founder of A Seaside Adventure and a pioneer of ecotours and kayaking in Kachemak Bay. He was raised in Alaska and has a vast knowledge of his beloved state. Some of his life has been spent in the bush working, guiding, and learning from Alaskan Natives in remote villages and he loves to share his knowledge of their rich history. Being a true naturalist in every sense of the word, he has made his home on Little Kayak Island over 30 years ago and since then has been an ambassador for this rich ecosystem. He gained his expertise on sea otters while implementing and working the otter rehabilitation center after the EXXON Valdez oil spill. Rick has also been exploring the waters of Kachemak Bay above and below the surface for many years boating and scuba diving. He worked with the coalition for the land purchase (buy-back) to preserve Kachemak Bay State Park forever and was one of the instrumental activists to successfully ban jet skis in Kachemak Bay, an important step toward keeping the area’s serenity intact for all its inhabitants, critters, and humans alike. Rick is one of the fortunate people who can say that he is truly living his dream.

“Kachemak Bay is so incredible. It is my passion and my life. Otters, whales, eagles, barnacles, plankton… every bit of life in Kachemak Bay depends on one another for survival. The fact that I get to share this beautiful place with travelers from around the world is an unimaginable blessing.” -Rick Harness

Dorla first came to Alaska from Germany in 1982 and cannot imagine a life away from this wonderful place. She assists Rick in his guiding and for many years has worked with the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Homer Visitor Center and the Pratt Museum, coordinating the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival and the Gathering of Native Tradition, and she feels deeply connected to the life on Little Kayak Island.



About Us

A Seaside Adventure offers leisurely kayaking and cozy cabin rentals across the Bay from Homer, Alaska in Kachemak Bay, where abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery await you.


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