When you join us for a Seaside Adventure in the rich Ecosystem of Kachemak Bay,

we’ll share with you the Alaskan seaside secrets we discovered over a lifetime, and we’ll introduce you to some of the wild critters we consider to be our friendly neighbors.

What Sets Us Apart?

Whether you come for the day or stay at our waterfront cabin, you will:

  • Get up close to marine wildlife and birds
  • Experience your tour with the personal touch of our small, intimate group size
  • Capture images any professional and amateur photographer’s dreams of! We gladly share tips and tricks to help you get better pictures
  • Explore the diverse intertidal zone
  • Taste our signature seafood lunch seasoned with freshly collected wild herbs
  • Discover the sites and artifacts of ancient Alaskan cultures
  • Enjoy an individualized experience away from large groups and roads
  • Kayak with the most experienced guide who has the spotless safety record
  • Relax at a leisurely pace that allows you to explore, because “the slower you go, the more you see”
  • Connect with lifelong Alaskans who are passionate and knowledgeable about this natural wonderland
  • Consider staying in our cabin and hiking enchanted virgin forests and world class mountain trails with breathtaking ocean, glacier, and volcano vistas
  • Have a truly memorable experience that goes far beyond a day of paddling

About Us

A Seaside Adventure offers leisurely kayaking and cozy cabin rentals in Kachemak Bay, Alaska, where abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery await you.


PO Box 3066

Homer, AK 99603